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Fight for Palestine and against deportations

Anti-racists must urgently stop the Tories racist onslaught by mobilising and fighting back in defence of refugees.
Issue 2903
Anti racists in Loughborough, near Leicester (Picture: Sue Arguille)

Anti racists in Loughborough, near Leicester (Picture: Sue Arguille)

The Tories are rounding up refugees, throwing them into vans and taking them to detention centres, ready to be flown to Rwanda, east Africa.

Anti-racists must urgently stop their racist onslaught by mobilising and fighting back.

The Home Office began its two-week long operation to detain refugees on Monday.

And the first deportation flight to Rwanda is set to take off within weeks.

The Tories aren’t just spouting racist myths about refugees, they are taking them to prison camps.

It marks a foul escalation in the Tories’ racist attacks. After fleeing poverty, repression, war and climate emergencies, refugees arrive in Britain to face hostility and racism from the British state.

It’s systemic and deliberate. The Tories are again playing with people’s lives in an attempt to win votes.

It shows the depths that the Tories are willing to sink to in their attempts to cling to power. And Labour is hardly better.

Its opposition to the Rwanda scheme is based on it being too “costly”— not any principled anti-racism.

Labour’s proposed alternative is to strengthen borders and deporting refugees with “a new fast track system for safe countries”, according to Labour shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper.

Labour claims it is against the removal policy. But it doesn’t speak out against the round-ups—or pledge to return those deported. So activists shouldn’t wait for the ballot box.

They should try to surround and blockade any van leaving a migration reporting centre or police station with refugees inside it.

And any runway that is being used for deportation flights should be occupied.

There must be protests and pickets outside migration centres across Britain.

Police detained several refugees in Solihull, West Midlands on Monday of this week after the refugees entered a reporting centre for a scheduled appointment. But there was resistance.

Dave, a Stand Up To Racism activist, told Socialist Worker, “Yesterday morning we picketed the migration centre after hearing that people might be detained.”

And when the van tried to leave, Dave said, “We knew people were held inside. And so we stood in front of it and blocked it. More police arrived and started arresting people in the crowd.”

Despite the van getting out, Dave said the activists did succeed in delaying it. With more people, campaigners could have stopped it entirely. “We are trying to get a huge presence mobilised,” Dave argued.

And everyone who has taken to the streets in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against Israel’s genocide should take to the streets to resist the expulsion of refugees from Britain.

It is the same system that gives rise to imperialist war that gives rise to the racism that dominates the top of British politics.

Whether it is Muslims or migrants, Western ruling classes have always used racism to scapegoat people as “other”.

We need to link up the struggles of anti-racism and anti-imperialism to fight against the whole capitalist system.

Let’s attack our real enemies—the rich, the corporations and the politicians who support them—not refugees.

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