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From Paris to Hillsborough the police are the same everywhere

The police will continue to brutalise crowds they can't control like they did to Liverpool Football Club fans last week
Issue 2807
police Liverpool fans

Liverpool fans penned in by the police in Paris

The police assaults on Liverpool Football Club fans in Paris last weekend were not an isolated event. The attacks were brutal. Video footage showed a slow stream of fans entering the Stade de France stadium injured omand in tears. Riot cops attacked disabled people and children. This is how they are used to behaving against protesters, anti-racists and strikers. 

And they are particularly vicious in the Seine-Saint-Denis area where the stadium is situated—it’s where many migrants, and those descended fr them, live. As the authorities came under fire they tried to deflect blame by claiming “industrial-scale” ticket forgery. But there’s no evidence of that.

The French fascist Marine Le Pen says it’s because the area is “out of control”. And the far right Eric Zemmour denounces “looters, thieves and scum”. Some of the British media echo this racism too.

The French cops were disgusting last Sunday, but so were the British police who tried to cover up the reasons for the deaths of 97 fans in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

The French cops are racist, and so are the British ones, from the racist use of stop and search to the deaths of black people in custody.  The authorities and the police like big crowds cheering the royals and clapping those at the top of society. They don’t like gatherings of workers or people they sometimes can’t control. Regardless of which state they serve, the police are always the enemy.

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