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Give the Tories the chop

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Issue 2473

The Tories think they are born to rule—and sometimes it seems like nothing can bring them down.

Jeremy Corbyn would no longer be Labour leader if he faced accusations of having sexual relations with a dead pig. 

Yet David Cameron and the Tories are still in office—and we have to bring them down. 

The Tories’ re-election in May was a huge blow, but they aren’t as powerful as they appear. Confronted with a real fight, they would soon lose their complacency.

Corbyn’s election as Labour leader shows there is a hunger for an alternative to the Tories and the Labour MPs who won’t challenge them.

Millions have been inspired by the possibility that the Tories will face a genuine opposition in parliament. 

But the fight they want is more than just in the House of Commons. 

Corbyn and his many thousands of supporters have talked about creating a new movement. 

They will get demoralised if the energy of the campaign gets lost in procedural arguments within the Labour Party. We have to capture the moment.

The recent refugee solidarity actions show that racism can be resisted. 

But the right wing press and the racists have been quick to try and regroup and whip up fears about refugee numbers.

All this means we can’t afford to wait until the next general election —we have to get organised now.


The challenge is to turn the mood expressed by support for Corbyn’s policies into real resistance that can shake the Tories to the core. 

The TUC march in Manchester and the People’s Assembly protests are part of it. 

But we also need to throw our support behind disputes such as the National Gallery strike in London. 

The junior doctors who took to the streets show the possibilities for a revolt in the NHS. 

We must now put pressure on union leaders to lead a fightback. 

Socialist Worker argues that opposing racism is central to building united working class resistance to the Tories’ assaults. 

This means organising Stand Up to Racism groups in every locality, which can build solidarity with refugees and resist Islamophobia.  

We argue that all migrants are welcome here and that people should be allowed to travel in search of a better life.

There is no need for cuts. The problem is the tiny, rich minority at the top of society that owns and controls all the wealth.

If they didn’t there would be enough for everyone to have a decent home, a job and a future. 

Capitalism cannot deliver these most basic needs. We need to fight for a socialist society. 

Join this struggle and the Socialist Workers Party today.

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