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Global menace of the far right can be beaten

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Issue 2628
Now is not the time to be passive—join the fight against racism and the far right (Pic: Guy Smallman)

A fascist gunned down 11 Jewish people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in the US, last week.

Judah Samet, who survived the mass murder of the Holocaust, narrowly missed death by being four minutes late for a service.

Racism of the sort spread by Donald Trump is responsible for the horror at the Tree of Life synagogue.

The killings added to the sense of fear and outrage that a far right juggernaut keeps advancing in country after country.

The next day businessman Jair Bolsonaro decisively won the presidential election in Brazil.

Bolsonaro is an open admirer of the murderous military junta that ruled the country between 1964 and 1985.

He hates black people, women and LGBT+ rights.

The rise of the likes of Bolsonaro is a sign of a capitalist society in crisis.

Across the world ruling classes are ramping up racism against Muslims, migrants and refugees to divide working class people.


This state-sponsored racism normalises and legitimises the far right’s views within wider society and helps it to grow.

And sometimes sections of the ruling class can look towards more authoritarian figures in the hope of protecting their system. Bolsonaro, for instance, is championed by powerful agribusiness interests.

In the 1930s the crisis was so great that the German ruling class handed power to the Nazis.

Fascism aims to build a movement that can terrorise the left, minorities and ultimately smash workers’ organisation and all democracy.

It is a fundamental break with other forms of right wing authoritarianism. Society hasn’t reached the same level of crisis for the ruling class to hand political power to the fascists. That doesn’t mean the fascists aren’t very dangerous—or won’t grow more powerful.

This is an urgent moment where passivity and retreat cannot be the answer.

The thugs around Nazi Tommy Robinson have the potential to mobilise thousands.

We need a mass movement to break the fascists’ confidence on the streets and take on the wider racism that fuels them.

The national demonstration on 17 November is a key chance to strengthen our side. Everyone has to build that demonstration.

There was a third warning during the weekend of horror last week.

The far right AfD saw another breakthrough at regional parliamentary elections in Hesse.

It was a further blow to defenders of the “liberal centre”.But “centrist” establishment politics is no way to stop the right.

The threat of the far right requires a much bigger challenge to the capitalist system that produces the horrors of last weekend.

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