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Go all out to build the fightback in 2015

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Issue 2435
Striking together on 10 July
Striking together on 10 July (Pic: Xanthe Whittaker)

For the next four months politicians and the media will seek to persuade us of the gulf between the Tories and  Labour on every key issue we face.

There are differences between them. But they are united in their determination to make cuts in workers’ living standards and key services in order to funnel money to big business and the banks.

It is a massive, long-term shift and we are in the battle of our lives.

Royal Bank of Scotland economist Ross Walker said last month, “The more one considers the scale and persistence of this required spending restraint, the more one doubts its political viability. 

“The previous spending projections looked daunting, revised figures give the impression of trying to scorch the scorched earth.”

That is why in 2015 we need to back every struggle, encourage every campaign, and organise networks of resistance. Strikes and mobilisation on the streets will be central to the fightback.

But it’s also crucial to put forward a political alternative to the parties of austerity. We need a less fragmented left in Britain. 

Up to the election and beyond, Socialist Worker will support campaigns by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and others on the left.

Building such an alternative is part of combating the racists who seek to feed on anger and despair. 

Falling living standards, the crisis of the main parties, and their targeting of immigrants for the problems in society, has created the space for Ukip to grow.

It will be crucial to expose and oppose its racist lies. The Stand Up to Ukip campaign’s initiatives will be important.

A working class divided by Nigel Farage’s lies will be weak in the face of the austerity assault. 

The more workers unite in struggle and reject racism, the stronger they will be in combating the attacks on the NHS, jobs, pay and conditions.

That’s why the anti-racist demonstrations on 21 March must be a priority for everyone. 

There are lots of people who are uneasy about the scapegoating of immigrants, but feel unsure about how to respond. 

By taking to the streets in their thousands, anti-racists can show that there is opposition and an alternative to racism.

The demonstrations need to bring together trade unionists, campaigners, students, migrant groups, Roma communities, faith groups and many others. 

We want to see the rage against racism that has been shown over the racist police killings in the US on the streets of London, Glasgow and Cardiff. 

We want rage against Ukip and all the politicians who scapegoat migrants, and against state racism.

We urge everyone to build the demonstrations, strengthen Stand Up to Ukip and be part of the TUSC campaigns.


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