By George Galloway
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How to deliver Blair a killer blow on 10 June

This article is over 18 years, 2 months old
GEORGE GALLOWAY on why the bell is tolling for Tony Blair.
Issue 1903

THE BELL is tolling for Tony Blair. We are two weeks away from the 10 June elections, which should seal the fate of the liar who took us into this disastrous war and occupation. We have marched in our millions against this criminal attack on the Iraqi people. Now we have to vote in this referendum on Blair, his war and his Tory policies. Never before has the future of a British prime minister rested on an election which usually passes most people by.

Proportional voting means Respect: The Unity Coalition has a chance to make a stunning breakthrough in the European Parliament and London Assembly elections. With all the major parties applauding Bush’s stumbling speech on Monday promising to maintain the occupation under a new guise, it is vital that the only party calling for an immediate withdrawal of troops makes that breakthrough.

It is clearer than ever after Bush’s statement that the so called transfer of sovereignty on 30 June is but an attempt to garner backing from other governments for the US presence. In Britain we must do all we can to knock away Bush’s key pillar of support-Tony Blair.

Respect is just a few months old, but we have made great progress. The media, which has tried so hard to ignore us, is now having to acknowledge there is a new force that is bringing the energy and diversity of the anti-war movement into a political challenge to New Labour.

The Guardian and the Observer both report that Respect has got Labour worried. All that is down to the tremendous effort put in by our thousands of supporters. Wherever we get Respect’s message across, we find a groundswell of support. Now, with two weeks to go, we have to throw everything into this final leg of the race.

Last Friday I was campaigning from dawn till dusk in the West Central constituency in London. We went to the heart of the Arab community, round the street markets, into community centres-everywhere where large numbers of people gather. Afterwards supporters fanned out to leaflet their own areas.

We have something the other parties do not-a superb list of candidates who have a track record of campaigning and who reflect the diversity of Britain in the 21st century. They are our biggest asset and we should get them out everywhere we can. There are two weekends left to make a huge impact with cavalcades, our battle buses, walkabouts and systematic leafleting.

We cannot lose a moment. If we are successful, imagine the impact here, and in Iraq and Palestine, of us dealing Blair a fatal blow on 10 June. The Respect executive is asking supporters to:

Organise campaigning activity every day.

Get our candidates to large concentrations of people. When people meet us they know we are treating them with respect.

Tap the momentum of the big events to encourage supporters to leaflet their own areas and build support among people they know.

Talk to your friends, family and neighbours. Let’s make sure everyone knows a vote for Respect is the way to wipe the smile off Blair’s face.

  • GEORGE GALLOWAY MP leads the Respect London list for the European Parliament
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