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Hypocrisy from the top over China’s oppressed Uyghur minority

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Issue 2714
Up to a million Uygher people are held in internment camps
Up to a million Uyghur people are held in internment camps

British politicians have suddenly discovered they’re passionate defenders of human rights again.

This time they want us all to know they care deeply for the Uyghur—China’s horribly oppressed Muslim minority.

Up to a million Uyghur people are locked in internment camps in north west China.

But it’s no coincidence that British politicians’ sudden concern coincides with a trade war over tech—just one aspect of the capitalist competition between the West and China.

So Tory and Labour politicians are horrified at images of Uyghur people hooded and shackled in prison camps. 

You’d think that Guantanamo Bay—where the West hoods and shackles its own Muslim prisoners—had closed.

It’s the same with their outrage over the treatment of the protesters in Hong Kong. 

Their condemnation of the violence of the Chinese state is far stronger than it was for their ally Israel when it massacred Palestinian protesters in 2018.

The Tories suspended arms sales to China on Monday. 

They resumed arms sales to Saudi Arabia earlier this month—knowing they’ll be used in its war on Yemen.

The rulers of Britain, the US, China and Russia are all guilty of horrific crimes. 

They only ever care about the crimes of each other when there’s something in it for them.

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