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If Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, we’ll need struggle to stop bosses’ sabotage

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Issue 2557
Workers celebrated victory when Syriza was elected in Greece in 2015 - but it rapidly came under pressure
Workers celebrated victory when Syriza was elected in Greece in 2015 – but it rapidly came under pressure (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Socialist Worker urges all its readers in England and Wales to back Jeremy Corbyn and vote Labour.

In the hours left of the election campaign, we call on everyone to argue and work for the biggest possible Labour vote.

Let’s drive out Theresa May’s regime of austerity, racism and war.

Who really rules Britain?
Who really rules Britain?
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In Scotland the picture is more complex. That’s because of Scottish Labour’s right wing leadership, its opposition to independence, and the existence of the Scottish National Party.

We urge a vote for the left candidate best able to advance the fight for change.

If Corbyn becomes prime minister, it would be a fantastic rejection of decades of neoliberal assaults on working class people.

It could be a spur to the struggles in the workplaces and on the streets. It can reverse the sense that our side are battered all the time while the Tories get away with murder.

That’s why our rulers fear it.

Every activist, and the millions who have backed Corbyn, would go into work or college on Friday morning with a smile on their face.

Every racist, Sun-lover and Tory supporter would feel crushed.

Imagine the delight of hearing May explain why she called a snap general election—and managed to lose a 20 percent lead in the polls.

But we also know that a Corbyn win would be far from the end of struggle.

Corbyn would be surrounded by Labour MPs who have repeatedly tried to remove him as leader. Some of them were sniping right up to the end of this campaign.


He would face the relentless opposition of the overwhelmingly hostile media.

The Tories would encourage sabotage by their backers. Most importantly, the bosses and the bankers will spurn any suggestion that the election has changed anything.

They will use their economic power to try to hold on to their privileges and their cash.

This has happened to every previous Labour government.

It’s what happened when the Labour-type social democrat Francois Hollande was elected French president in 2012. After a brief period of reforms he was assailed by the bond markets.

He collapsed into pro-business, anti-worker “reforms” and further racist laws.

In Greece, Syriza was elected in January 2015 as the hope of workers across the continent that wanted an end to austerity.

Syriza one year on - what went wrong?
Syriza one year on – what went wrong?
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It pushed through some reforms but crumbled in the face of the power of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the Greek bosses.

It would be the same here, and it woudn’t just be the bosses applying the pressure.

Don’t forget what the then Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir Nicholas Houghton, said about Corbyn’s statement that he would not authorise the use of nuclear weapons. “It would worry me if that thought was translated into power,” he said.

This is the threat from the police, armed forces and spooks that will seek to bend Corbyn to their will—or break him.

None of this means it’s worthless to vote for Labour.

But it means that if Corbyn is elected the real struggles will be fought in the streets and the workplaces.

Only a movement of protests and strikes can beat back the right and hold Labour to its pledges.

That means building a movement independent of Labour, and a revolutionary socialist party focused on struggle outside parliament.

We will support Corbyn against the right, and fight against austerity, racism, war, police violence and climate change.

We willl continue to argue for freedom of movement and to open the borders for refugees and migrants.

We want an end to capitalism and are battling for socialism. If you agree with us, then join the Socialist Workers Party (SWP).

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