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Muslim hate flows from top

Issue 2789

At a protest against the fascist Tommy Robinson

Middle and upper class people are more likely to hold prejudiced views about Muslims than working class people.

A detailed survey about racism in Britain revealed that 23.2 percent of people from “upper and lower middle class groups” held prejudiced views about Islam.
In comparison 18.4 percent of people from “working class groups” had those views. The University of Birmingham survey, carried out with analytics firm YouGov, was based on interviews with 1,667 people between 20 and 21 July 2021.
Overall, people in Britain are three times more likely to hold racist views of Muslims than other religions. Muslims are the second “least liked” group, after Gypsy and Irish Travellers, with over a quarter of people feeling negatively towards them. 
Those behind the survey suggest that negative stereotypes of Islam in society cause these ideas.
The report cites the example of Tory minister Nadine Dorries supportively tweeting racist remarks made by fascist Tommy Robinson as one reason why Islamophobia was so widespread.
And the normalisation of hatred towards Muslims—what it described as “dinner table prejudice”—also comes from people who know little about Islam. 
What this study also shows is that racism doesn’t come from the supposed bigotry or ignorance of ordinary people. It come from the top to keep workers divided and create scapegoats. 

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