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Israel is the threat

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Issue 2381

We are told the new deal on controlling nuclear production signed by Iran will make the region and the world a safer place. 

All the fuss made about blocking Iran’s potential ability to make a nuclear bomb in the future ignores the fact that there already is a country with nuclear weapons in the region. 

These weapons are in the hands of a rogue state—Israel—that has defied countless United Nations (UN) resolutions to comply with international treaties on nuclear weapons. 

Israel is said to have stockpiled over 100 nuclear warheads. In December 2012 UN member states voted 179 to six that Israel should let weapons inspectors in. It refused.

It has also refused to sign up to the UN non-proliferation treaty—the purpose of which is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. 

Israel is allowed to get away with defiance of the UN because it is a key ally of the US in the Middle East.  Every year the US gives Israel £1.92 billion in aid for helping maintain its influence in the region. 

No other country receives as much from the West. 

The US wants to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear capability as it doesn’t want to become embroiled in new wars in the Middle East that it can’t win.

But it is its friend Israel that is armed and dangerous and poses the greatest threat of war in the region. 

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