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Israel’s stunt to stoke war

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Issue 2602

In a strange and dramatic speech on Monday, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed Iran’s evil plan.

Whipping black sheets from a book shelf, Netanyahu unveiled what he said were 110,000 documents supposedly stolen from Iran in a daring overnight heist.

Turning to a power-point presentation, he described what he claimed was evidence of Iran’s secret nuclear-missile building programme.

Netanyahu made a plea to Trump

Netanyahu made a plea to Trump (Pic: US Embassy Tel Aviv/WikiCommons)

All of Netanyahu’s information has been publicly available for several years. But that didn’t matter.


The real point of the speech was to encourage US president Donald Trump to ditch a deal with Iran, signed in 2015, and return to sanctions and conflict.

Hours before his speech, Israeli missiles struck a base in Syria killing some 27 people, most of them Iranians. It was the latest in a stream of attacks launched by Israel in recent months.

Behind the showmanship, Netanyahu is toying with the threat of a war on Iran in Syria—and he wants the US to back him.

Trump keeps threatening to ditch the deal—which is up for renewal on 12 May.

It’s a sign that, weeks after the US bombed the Syrian regime, the possibility of a devastating war between competing powers over the Middle East remains.

The people who suffer the most in this conflict are ordinary people across the Middle East.

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