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It’s our rulers who cause racism

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Issue 2469

Many politicians would have us believe that working class people are racist. They say they talk about immigration so much to address people’s “real concerns”.

It’s true that some working class people are racist. But this racism isn’t natural­—it comes from the top. The ruling class puts a lot of energy into encouraging division among ordinary people. 

Newspaper owners print front pages demonising migrants. Politicians make speeches about the “problem” of immigration and draw up laws to be “tough” on it.

Right wingers encourage us to blame refugees for all our problems. But not everyone buys into the lies.

Desperate refugees have died in their thousands over the summer trying to escape war and poverty. 

Racist immigration controls are to blame for those deaths. 

But many ordinary people have organised to help migrants. Across Europe they have opened their homes to refugees who have nowhere else to go.

They have collected food and other supplies. Cafes have let migrants use their bathrooms and electricity to charge phones.

And people have protested to demand that refugees be made welcome.

Our rulers like to pretend that working class people are all racist bigots. They paint themselves as the defenders of civilisation and progress. 

The truth is the opposite.

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