By Thomas Foster
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Labour and Tory failures let Farage fill a vacuum

The Tories will be wiped out and Labour will achieve a historic win—but Farage is centre stage.
Issue 2910
Nigel Farage speaks at an event of the Brexit Party in 2019

Nigel Farage’s Reform UK has been given ground through Tory and Labour racism (Picture: Guy Smallman)

All the polls suggest there is a political earthquake coming. The Tories are going to be wiped out and Labour will achieve a historic win—even if on quite a low vote.

Rishi Sunak might take the Tories to their worst result since 1906, 1832—or even 1754. Yet there’s no buzz about the campaigns, no sense of excitement or inspiration.

Instead the gross figure of Nigel Farage dominates much of the media. He fills a vacuum left by the failures of Labour and the Tories.

Neither offer any alternative to the austerity, racism and pro-corporate polices of the last 14 years. And neither dare to talk about the genocide in Gaza. That’s what enables Reform UK’s attempt to make this “the immigration election”.

Outrageously Farage is allowed to claim that he is the only one talking about “real issues”.

But it isn’t migrants that have caused Britain’s housing crisis. It’s the failure of the Tories and local authorities to build council housing and the fact that up to a million homes are left empty.

It isn’t migrants that are straining public services, it is decades of cuts and underfunding. It’s the rich hoarding profits that keeps wages low—not migrants.

The racism from Farage and the main parties has terrible results. It means deaths of desperate people. At least 60 migrants died on Wednesday last week after a rubber dinghy broke down in the Mediterranean Sea.

The engine failed, leaving the boat adrift without food and water for several days. Those on board died from dehydration and hunger.

“I met a man who lost his wife and a one-and-a-half year old baby. The baby died the first day, the mother the fourth day,” said someone involved in the rescue.

The EU border force agency spotted the boat on 7 June, and contacted Italian and Maltese rescue coordination centres. It wasn’t until five days later that the boat was rescued by a charity group.

And at least 11 migrants have died and more than 60 are missing as a result of two shipwrecks off the coast of southern Italy on Monday. Of those missing, 26 are thought to be children.

A year ago up to 600 people drowned in the shipwreck off Pylos, Greece. And British policies mean people drown with brutal regularity in the Channel.

This is how Farage wants to “deter” migrants. His real policy is “Try to come here and you’ll die”.

We need to confront racism everywhere, and to offer working class people hope of a break from policies that benefit the rich.

We need to fight to direct ordinary people’s anger towards the ruling class and its system of division, poverty, war and environmental collapse.

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