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Labour is embarrassing, not left wing ideas

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Issue 2739
The left in Labour is under attack as leaders want the party to appeal to the bosses
Left wingers in Labour are resisting attacks as Labour leaders want the party to appeal to the bosses (Pic: Socialist Appeal/Flickr)

Labour’s leaders see their party members as an embarrassment—and now want to be able to block them from standing as candidates in elections.

Under new proposals the party’s top bureaucrat David Evans will get powers to veto any candidate he or leader Keir Starmer doesn’t like.

Unelected officials will also screen every candidate chosen by members and block any who “can be seen as embarrassing.”

So you might want to stand as a council candidate who says they won’t vote for cuts.

Or you might want to be an MP who challenges the Tories rather than support them in “constructive” opposition.

Maybe you’ve been a strong, vocal critic of Israel, you don’t support bombing other countries, or you’re not so keen to wave the Union Jack.

Chances are Starmer’s machine thinks you’re an embarrassment, and you won’t be allowed to stand.

Labour’s leaders have always relied on its members to campaign for them—but they don’t want their left wing views to “embarrass” them.

That’s why party MPs have always had the power to ignore policy decisions made by members at conference.

The real embarrassment is the way Starmer insists on giving the Tories an easy ride, and begs for approval from the right wing press.

Why stick around to be embarrassed like that?

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