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Labour Party scuttles right following Tory crisis

Keir Starmer wants more money for cops
Issue 2800
Labour leader Keir Starmer

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer

In the teeth of climate, social and political crises, the Labour Party wants to clamp down hard on those who are fighting back. On Monday Labour demanded that the Tories act to arrest and punish Just Stop Oil activists who block oil terminals. It said it wanted injunctions like the sort used against Insulate Britain activists last year to “not just ban protests at oil terminals but also across Britain’s road network.”

It’s typical of Keir Starmer’s Labour to pander desperately to the right wing press who want to blame climate activists for the problems of the system. But there’s something deeper going on here too. Whenever the Tories find themselves mired in scandal, Labour’s instinct is to attack from the right. For Labour, the key question at the heart of chancellor Rishi Sunak’s tax dodging scandal isn’t the contempt the rich have for the rest of us. It’s whether he broke parliament’s rules.

Then, as if worried even that looked too much like class war, Labour turned the subject quickly on to “law and order”. Just as it did after Boris Johnson held lockdown-breaking parties, it spent Monday demanding more money for cops. This is the true face of a party whose inclination is always to side with the bosses’ system—kid gloves for the Tories, jail for those resisting.


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