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Labour’s war guilt

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Issue 2768
Keir Starmer is proud of war monger Tony Blairs achievments.
Keir Starmer is proud of war monger Tony Blair’s achievments. (Pic: Utenriksdepartementet UD/Flickr)

Not two weeks ago, Labour’s leader Keir Starmer said his party should be “very proud” of its right wing governments’ “achievements” under Tony Blair.

Afghanistan is Tony Blair’s “achievement”. Will Starmer be proud of that? He certainly can’t criticise it or admit the whole thing was wrong. He probably doesn’t want to do that anyway.

Instead, he and shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy criticise the US for “abandoning the Afghan people”. Ending 20 years of war and pulling out US troops was, says Nandy, a “catastrophic miscalculation.”

For them, the horror is an opportunity to demonstrate Labour’s renewed support for US military intervention. They want to revive the idea that this is about democracy and human rights.

It’s a world away from the days when Labour’s former left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn apologised in parliament for the Blair government’s invasion of Iraq.

“Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and the country is still living with the devastating consequences of the war,” he said.

“They have paid the greatest price for the most serious foreign policy calamity of the last 60 years.”

The same could be said for Afghanistan today. But we won’t get any apology from Starmer.

Instead, Labour will only attack the Tories from the right—and bring back the lies that launched the war in the first place.

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