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Let’s get back to the fight, and strike with more determination

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Now that politics is back to normal, we all need to turn our focus back to the pay struggle, and the united strike on 1 October
Issue 2823
A rally for an RMT union rail strikes

We need to be on the streets in every town and city when workers strike on 1 October (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Presents for the rich, agony for the poor—reality bursts again through the fakery of national unity this week. In a series of announcements, the Tories will outline plans that are utterly inadequate to deal with gas and electricity firms pushing up energy prices.

They won’t deal with the NHS crisis or stop the epidemic of hunger and hardship. And it was to culminate on Friday with chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng laying out an open call for the elite to enrich themselves further.

His false argument is that their riches will trigger growth that will benefit all. That is the method that has produced a Britain with a record 177 billionaires with a combined wealth of £653 billion.

Kwarteng was expected to scrap a scheduled increase in corporation tax paid by big businesses. That will shower them with £30 billion. It will be coupled with other tax changes. The Institute for Fiscal Studies says the whole package will give those with the highest incomes more than 200 times as much as those on the lowest.

For days the queen’s death was used to pump out ideas of stability, hierarchy, harmony, order and permanence. It had some success, temporarily stalling strikes in the post and on the rail. But it won’t suppress either the bitterness against those at the top or the possibility of a fightback. 

We can’t expect any serious fight from the Labour Party. Instead of breaking free from the blanket of royal nonsense, Keir Starmer wants to extend it.

The party conference this weekend will begin with him eulogising the dead queen. This will be followed by a rendition of God Save the King.

There could be no clearer sign of his determination to prove his reliability to the rich and big business. This isn’t a man who will mess with imperialism, or who will disturb the money-making of the elite.

But there is a chance for effective resistance. At least 175,000 workers are set to strike on Saturday 1 October

They must be the spearhead of a class revolt. And their strikes must be the first wave of a more general offensive. In every town and city we need to be on the streets on 1 October.

Visit the picket lines and then mass in angry protests that bring together all of those targeted by the Tory attacks. This is no time for the narrowness and hesitations of too many trade union leaders and Labour politicians.

Strikers, those who want to strike, anti-racists, students, climate campaigners and many others need to march and rage against the government and the system it defends. No more talk of national unity—reply to Tory attacks with our own class war.

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