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Make Saturday 18 March a day of revolt against racism

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Issue 2542
Protest against Donald Trump on Monday
Protest against Donald Trump on Monday (Pic: Socialist Worker)

The protests against US president Donald Trump and his state visit have been magnificent, but the government is still determined that he will come.

When he does, there needs to be a repeat of the activity seen when warmonger George W Bush came in 2003.

Foreign office minister Sir Alan Duncan told MPs on Monday that he hoped Trump would receive a “polite and generous” welcome. Think again.

Trump should face mass protests wherever he goes. Let’s plan to block the roads, shut down universities and colleges and take action in workplaces.

Trump must be met by a society in upheaval.

Building this movement will mean continued solidarity with those fighting back in the US.

The US movement needs to feel global support. Every defeat for Trump will be a victory for the wider battles against racism, sexism, austerity and environmental catastrophe.

We look across the Atlantic, but we have to root ourselves in the struggles here.

From the start the fight against Trump in Britain has also been about Theresa May’s entanglement with his policies.

This understanding has to be turned into direct action.

It means redoubling the support for European Union (EU) nationals’ rights, solidarity with refugees and increased action against antisemitism, Islamophobia and the Prevent agenda. It means opposing state racism and racist immigration laws.


Any effective campaign is built by giant demonstrations and rallies but also crucially by discussions in workplaces, colleges and schools.

Even some of those who don’t agree can be won over to the fight.

The marches against Trump are tens of thousands strong, but we can become hundreds of thousands or millions strong. We need to win over more people.

That means reaching out wider and linking the disgust over Trump to the anger against racism here and the other attacks from May’s government.

It must be a movement against the powerful.

This means working further to create one broad anti-Trump movement. Such a movement cannot be divided by how we voted on 23 June.

There are people who voted Leave and people who voted Remain who equally hate what Trump stands for.

They must all be welcome.

On 18 March there are national demonstrations, called by Stand Up To Racism in London, Glasgow and Cardiff. They are backed by many unions, Muslim and anti-racist groups.

They need to be the central focus for everyone who has taken part in the anti-Trump demonstrations or are inspired by them.

Build on what’s been achieved by making 18 March a day when we revolt against racism.

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