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March on the Tories

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Issue 2368

The richest people in Britain represented by Cameron’s cabinet of millionaires are attacking the very poorest and vulnerable.

A report published last week revealed that there are 3.6 million children living in poverty in Britain—the worst levels for 50 years.  

And every week people are hauled into court over arrears caused by the bedroom tax.  

Ruling class hatred of ordinary people is written through every new round of cuts.

There is deep seated anger in millions of people at the years of austerity, rising prices and stagnant wages.

And there is action too. Post workers, train guards and cleaners were all on strike last week.

Teachers are preparing for a national strike in the autumn—and firefighters could soon be joining them.

The march at the Tory Party Conference on Sunday 29 September in Manchester is a chance to take the anger to the Tories, and to give our side confidence for the battles ahead.

Every bedroom tax protest, meeting to defend the NHS and picket line is a chance to find people furious at paying for the bankers’ financial crisis.

If tens of thousands march on the Tories it will remind their side and ours that the anger hasn’t gone away.

It can help build strikes that can beat the government attacks and get rid of the Tories to boot.


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