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‘Muslim Culture’ is not to blame

This article is over 9 years, 4 months old
Issue 2440

The Rotherham abuse scandal has led some to celebrate Britain’s “progressive” society.

The authorities dismissed and blamed victims, and failed to protect them.

But right wingers prefer to focus on the fact that abusers were described as  Asian in many cases referred to in official reports.

Melanie Phillips blamed “Muslim culture” in The Times newspaper. “In Muslim society women are treated as inferior people, and non-Muslims are widely regarded as trash,” she claimed.

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, Sarah Vine said Muslim men saw non-Muslim girls as “little more than objects of Western decadence to be used for their own warped pleasures”.

Vine went on to celebrate “belonging to a culture that values and respects women as equals”.

This is nonsense. Sexism and women’s oppression are embedded in our class society—they are not caused by “Muslim culture”.

Police forces dismiss rape and abuse victims. Rapes are classed as “no crime” and evidence is “lost”, while victims are intimidated out of fighting for justice. 

For all the “value” society puts on women, abuse victims are left with no support. 

Those at the top of society have been implicated in abuse scandals.  Those attacking Muslims pose as being on the side of women. In reality, they want to shore up a system that keeps women down.

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