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Nato escalation will bring more destruction

Nato will never liberate Ukraine, hope lies in the anti-war movements
Issue 2797
Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky calls for Nato support.

The solution to war in Ukraine is not more war. Demanding escalation from the Nato military alliance by way of invasion, increased troops on the ground, no-fly zones and sending arms will lead to disaster.

Already talks of Western governments sanctioning more Nato troops in Ukraine, or sending their own, risks a wider scale war involving nuclear weaponsIt can be tempting to argue after seeing the brutality Russian president Vladimir Putin is unleashing that the solution is to fight fire with fire. Nato hopes that outrage and disgust at Putin’s invasion will translate into support for its mission.

But if the situation is bad now, escalating war in Ukraine and in surrounding countries will only cause more mayhem deaths, destruction and poverty. And it will strengthen the warmongers who act for their profit and power.

Nato is increasingly using the war to expand its imperialist influence—its priority is not the liberation of Ukrainian people. It has a long and bloody history of making situations worse by wading into wars with a proclamation of liberation. Nato ventures and support for forces in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan did nothing to improve the lives of ordinary people.

What should be encouraged is the Russian anti-war movement that resists Putin’s invasion from within. Despite intense repression, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to condemn the war. Escalating this to workers’ actions against the state can help turn imperialist war into class war.

No to war means no to either side’s brutality and influence. In Ukraine. In contrast Ukrainian resistance that does not rely on Nato, or follow the West’s commands, is hugely positive. 

A Nato victory against Russia will benefit the rulers of the West, not people in Ukraine whose country will be reduced to a puppet state. Demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine should go alongside criticism and rejection of Nato. Protests from below can link resistance in Ukraine and Russia against Putin’s brutality, but also make it harder for Nato to extend its control

That’s why spreading the anti‑war movement to Nato countries, such as the US and Britain, is crucial. It puts pressure at home on governments who are whipping up anti-war fever for their benefit while ordinary people suffer.

For instance, if Nato governments can find billions to fund war, there should be money for health, education and wages. Putin should be stopped—but how he’s stopped and by who matters. Strategies that benefit the might of Western imperialism only strengthens its mandate to continue its destruction across the world.

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