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Nazi Tommy Robinson – a threat we must stop

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Tommy Robinson is a danger to Muslims, minorities and working class people
Tommy Robinson is a danger to Muslims, minorities and working class people

Tommy Robinson is a danger to Muslims, minorities and working class people. Everyone has to make sure he isn’t elected as an MEP for the North West of England on 23 May.

A Robinson win would boost every racist bigot in Britain and internationally and normalise the far right in wider society.

Robinson is a fascist who has tried to build a movement that can inflict violence on Muslims, minorities and political opponents.

He has been a far right poster boy for the last 15 years, starting as a member of the British National Party.

Sometimes he tries to tone down his racism in public, but Nazis always lie about their true intentions.

Hitler didn’t say from the start that he would murder two thirds of Europe’s Jewish population in the Holocaust. Instead, the Nazis said they would “restore national pride” and stop “aliens” undermining it.

Robinson follows the same playbook.

When Robinson sits in the BBC studio, he claims he is against “Islamic extremists” or “political Islam”. But when Robinson addresses his far right supporters, his real views come out.

After the Manchester Arena terror attack in 2017, Robinson called Muslims in the city “enemy combatants”.

“When you see these communities and you see these houses, you think this is a British community, or you might have British Muslims,” he said.

“In these houses are enemy combatants who want to kill you, maim you and destroy you.”

Robinson wants to use Islamophobia to mobilise his supporters. This is clear from the days when he co-founded the English Defence League (EDL) in 2009. The EDL organised marches through Muslim areas, including a racist riot in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, in 2010.

The following September Robinson said Muslims would “feel the force” of the EDL in Tower Hamlets, east London. He said, “We are here to tell you quite loud, quite clear, every single Muslim, watching this video on Youtube.

“On 7/7 you got away with killing and maiming British citizens… next time you think about it, you better understand, that we have built a network from one bit of the country to the other end.”

Robinson has used different tactics during his time on the far right, from street mobilisations to pretending to be a “citizen journalist” and now elections.

His aim remains the same.

The scale of the threat was shown when his supporters mobilised 15,000 onto London’s streets last June. While Robinson has suffered setbacks since then, a win or even a big vote could provide the boost he needs.

It’s crucial Labour, the trade unions and all anti-racists get behind Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism’s campaign to stop him.

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