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No lies or excuses can justify David Cameron’s war on Syria

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Issue 2481

The ruling class is going all out with a flood of spin and lies to win us to a new war.

Having failed before, David Cameron is using a new tack. He claims that unlike last time, when he lost a vote in parliament to attack dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces, it is not just about bombing.

He says he has a full plan to bring peace and stability to Syria and that it is all about what happens afterwards.

This gives cover to those Labour MPs who want to go to war without being seen as warmongers. But saying you will support reconstruction of a country after you have helped destroy it doesn’t make waging war alright.

These MPs are also using the fact that the United Nations (UN) has backed a war against Isis. But the UN isn’t some benevolent institution making states act in the interests of ordinary people.

In reality it is a tool of the imperialist nations to most effectively impose their will behind the fig leaf of international laws.

But now the supposedly reluctant Labour bombers can use the mealy mouthed excuse that new attacks have been deemed legitimate.

Having UN approval does not make the bombs dropped any less lethal. It doesn’t stop civilians dying or their homes being destroyed.

There are dissenting voices in the ruling class. Some say bombing isn’t enough without ground troops.


Some argue that such ground troops should be Arab soldiers. The implication is that this is more respectful of regional independence.

But it’s all the better for the West if its interests can be met by using proxy armies.

After the disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq the British ruling class wants to stick to dropping bombs from a great height.

As callous as they can be about the lives of their own troops, they value those of the Syrians below even less. They fear that Western casualties could turn public opinion at home against war.

Now the politicians talk about winning the war in weeks and setting up peace talks.

The majority of Syrians will have no say in who will impose “peace” and who will be at the table.

But every imperialist state wants in on the carve-up so they can have a say in the future of Syria and the region. Cameron wants to bomb so he doesn’t get left out.

Many people voted for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader so that the Tories would face a real opposition in Westminster.

But the pro-war Labour MPs on the benches around Corbyn have no shame. They are clamouring to support Cameron’s plans.

We need to show them what opposition really is. We have to mobilise everyone who wants to stop this new war.

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