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No to nuclear nonsense

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Issue 2428
The decaying B30 pond at Sellafield nuclear plant
The decaying B30 pond at Sellafield nuclear plant

Leaked photos have revealed a decaying nuclear waste dump at Sellafield in Cumbria.

Cracked concrete pools filled with water and highly radioactive rods and sludge lie exposed to the open air amid rusting equipment. 

Nothing stands in the way of the wind and rain.

The impact that this contaminated water could have if it seeps out into the environment is bad enough. 

Yet the water is needed to keep spent nuclear fuel cool. If it leaks the waste will overheat and burst into flames—filling the air with radiation.

Sellafield makes a mockery of claims that nuclear power is cheap, safe or clean.

Its reactors were abandoned decades ago. Yet we are still paying £1.7 billion a year to decommission the site.

The Tories are determined to get more nuclear plants built, from Somerset to Sellafield itself. They claim this is to keep the lights on.

Their real reason is that nuclear power enables our rulers to build weapons of mass destruction, such as the Trident missiles in Scotland at Faslane on the Clyde.

Faslane has seen a “nuclear safety event” more than once a week in the last five years—and a fire every month.

Using the weapons would wreak horrendous devastation.

The pile of deadly nuclear material is already too big. 

We need to stop the Tories adding to it.

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