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No victory for West in Iraq

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Issue 2562
US troops backing the long-running assault on Mosul
US troops backing the long-running assault on Mosul (Pic: US Army photo by 1st Lt. Daniel Johnson)

Even from their own viewpoint, warmongers’ celebrations of “victory” over Isis in Iraq sound hollow.

Iraqi forces, backed by Britain and the US, declared that they had forced the brutal and reactionary Isis out of the city of Mosul last Sunday.

It was said to effectively mean the end of Isis in Iraq.

But the suffering of ordinary people in Iraq is far from over. More than 800,000 people are refugees in their own country after fleeing fighting and airstrikes.

Human rights group Amnesty International claimed on Tuesday that coalition forces used heavy explosive weapons in densely populated areas.

It said Britain’s claim that hundreds of its airstrikes on Mosul had resulted in no civilian casualties “is at best implausible”.

The blame lies at the feet of the US and Britain.

Their disastrous invasion in 2003 destroyed Iraqi society. They encouraged sectarianism to divide opposition to occupation.

They left Iraq in a mess and made it possible for Isis to grow.

And there’s no end in sight to the horror. US generals are already warning about the growth of an “Isis 2.0”.

Regional powers are now competing over who comes out on top in the wake of the carnage.

The latest round of bloodshed may be coming to an end in Iraq.

But the West’s intervention is paving the way for even bigger, bloodier wars to come.

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