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No western war in Syria

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Issue 2462

In the same week that the Tories announced more savage cuts on ordinary people, David Cameron promised more money for the military.

The prime minister claimed this would help “destroy” Isis in Iraq and Syria. He said more weapons were needed because of the “dangerous, insecure and difficult world” we live in.

But Western governments, with their bloody wars and occupations across the Middle East, are responsible for that danger and insecurity.

More wars and intervention will make things worse.

Isis grew out of imperialist wars in the Middle East. Western governments helped to create, fund and arm sectarian militia in Iraq because they wanted to divide and weaken the opposition to them.

It’s true that Isis is a brutal sectarian organisation. But the Western leaders condemning it are hypocrites. 

The atrocities perpetrated by Isis in Syria and Iraq will never match the scale of the horrors inflicted on people in the Middle East by the West and its allies.

War brought Isis to the position it is in today. More wars won’t beat it—but united struggle from below could.

Yet Cameron’s only answer is bombing.

Western leaders have blood on their hands. They claim to be for “peace” and “security”. But funnily enough their plans to win peace always involve more brutality.

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