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Organise to wage war on the Tories

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How do we turn the tide on this bosses' government?
Issue 2221

How do we turn the tide on this bosses’ government? Every part of our public services is under assault. Simply put, the Tories have declared war on ordinary people, and we need to defeat them.

We have to fight our battle on two fronts. There is an ideological battle going on—a remixing of Thatcherism’s mantra, “greed is good and public services bad”, versus the idea that the poor shouldn’t pay for the crisis and that public services are not for profit.

We say that none of the cuts are necessary.

Everyday there is a growing recognition of the scale of the onslaught against us—there was an echo of this at the Labour conference this week.

The key strength on our side is as organised workers. That’s why there has been a propaganda assault against the unions in the media.

These attacks come not because the unions are leading a national fight yet, but because the bosses are fearful that they might. We need to make sure that fear becomes a reality.

That means turning the words of the union leaders into action. In every union we need to push for the largest coordinated national struggle.

But while demanding national action, every individual attack must be met with resistance. Wherever a cut is proposed, there needs to be a vigorous campaign to stop it.

Protests, occupations and strikes can keep our services open and defend jobs. And victory against one attack will inspire others to resist too.

That’s why battles like those on the tube, the fire service, the BBC, Coca‑Cola, Astra Zeneca and Tunnock’s are vital.

At a grassroots level this means every activist standing up and organising, wherever they are. It then means linking up with and providing solidarity to others fighting back.

The Right to Work campaign has pulled together, at a local and a national level, one key mechanism for encouraging this to happen.

The demonstration against the Tory Party conference has received backing from five national unions, hundreds of union branches and community groups.

This can be a moment that shapes the resistance—bringing campaigners together is an important step that needs to be repeated at a local level.

We need focal points of resistance in every town and city—not to huddle together for warmth but to stand together and fight, knowing that we can organise to win.

The scale of the attack on us is enormous. It means we need a serious escalation from our side in response.

That’s why, to change the whole tone of the fightback, we need to build for a general strike. The national demonstration called by the TUC next March could be a staging post for that.

The key is to stand up and resist wherever you are while fighting for a completely different vision of society to the Tories. The best way to do that is to get organised as a socialist.


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