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Our rulers won’t combat climate change – we have to rise up to save the planet

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Issue 2443

Protesters marching in London this Saturday will say it is time to act on climate change. They are right.

Every month for the past 30 years has been hotter than average. That fact rams home how our climate is changing.

The consequences could be disastrous if climate change is left unchecked. Yet negotiations for a treaty on greenhouse emissions are moving at a glacial pace.

Politicians set targets to be met decades in the future—and pass policies that increase emissions.

Every year of business as usual increases the total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the amount of warming this creates.

And every power station, vehicle or building built for a fossil fuel economy will make it harder to switch to a sustainable system.

Yet our rulers seem unable to change course.

Energy minister Ed Davey got a public dressing down for simply acknowledging that fossil fuels may not be used forever.

Climate campaigners are sometimes warned not to make their demands too radical. 

We’re told overthrowing capitalism has to wait until we’ve dealt with climate change.

But as Naomi Klein argued in her popular book This Changes Everything, climate change only makes the fight for a different system more urgent.

We haven’t time to wait for the politicians and bosses. Our only hope lies in defeating them.

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