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A new Socialist Worker website is about to launch.
Issue 2786
The new Socialist Worker website launches soon. (Pic: Socialist Worker)

The new Socialist Worker website launches soon. (Pic: Socialist Worker)

If you visit Socialist Worker online from Wednesday this week, you will notice some big changes.

We’ve got a new website. We hope you’ll find it a useful tool.

Whether it’s in the workplace, or the anti-racist, climate change, anti-war, LGBT+ or Palestine solidarity movements, Socialist Worker wants to be there in person and online.

Socialist Worker has always been more than an alternative to the mainstream media. What makes us different is that we want our readers to use our news and analysis to build resistance.

We want to report on every strike to highlight every example of working class people fighting back. We do that to encourage support and solidarity for strikers, but also to intervene with arguments about how they can win.

We do the same in every movement. Every struggle raises questions about the system and how best to fight it. Why are the police so racist, for instance? Or what does “system change, not climate change” actually mean?

Socialist Worker takes on such arguments to be read, debated and acted on by people in the heart of the struggle. Our newspaper has always brought all these questions together to argue for a socialist alternative—and the revolutionary organisation needed to win it.

Our website does the same online. Share the articles and sign up for our daily Breakfast In Red morning email. You can find it all at

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