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Politicians unite in bigotry against migrants

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Issue 2415
Clegg wants to be tougher on migrants

Clegg wants to be “tougher” on migrants (Pic: UK Civil Service / Flickr)

David Cameron and Tory home secretary Theresa May posed for TV cameras last week in a house that the UK Border Agency had just raided.

Four Albanian migrants were bundled off to a detention centre following a dawn raid.

This sickening scene came just one week after the Tories announced further attacks on migrants. EU migrants without “very clear job prospects” will now have their benefits cut off after three months instead of six. 

Ed Miliband’s leadership attacked the Tories—for stealing a Labour policy. 

Nick Clegg has joined the reactionary chorus calling for “tougher” immigration controls. 

He wants to “put the brakes on” immigration from new EU members. The Lib Dems have been desperately picking rhetorical battles with the Tories as the European elections showed them the annihilation they face. 

There will always be splits and tensions within the ruling class but they are all agreed on blaming migrants for cuts and low pay. 

Bosses welcome immigration when there’s a labour shortage, but the ruling class use racist scapegoating and immigration controls to divide workers. 

Yet despite such tensions all the main parties—along with the racist Ukip party—agree on attacking migrants. 

The alternative lies in a workers’ fight against both austerity and the racist immigration system.

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