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Put Tony Blair in the dock

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Issue 2505
Protesting against Tony Blair at the Chilcot Inquiry in 2013
Protesting against Tony Blair at the Chilcot Inquiry in 2013 (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The Chilcot Inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the West’s invasion and occupation of Iraq is due to return its findings on 6 July.

Tony Blair and then foreign secretary Jack Straw should already be in jail for their attempts to deceive millions about the existence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The war killed one million people.

People that survived the 2003 invasion have suffered unprecedented levels of cancer, child cancer and birth defects.

This is the context for the Iraqi army’s operation in Fallujah, to clear out Isis, backed by US airpower, that began on Tuesday morning.

In 2004 the US and Iraqi armies launched the brutal Occupation Phantom Fury on the city.

They used white phosphorous shells, cluster bombs and “napalm-like weapons”.

The official US report into the attack said “Fallujah… is now 70 percent estimated to be bombed to the ground, no water, no electricity.” A city of 300,000 was reduced to rubble.

The mass killings and devastation provided a breeding ground for Isis. The US and its allies are now confronting the monster that they created.

Nobody can be sure what the result of the latest assault will be—except more deaths.

Successive British governments have backed the US all the way. Those responsible must face justice.


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