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Racist warmonger Donald Trump gives confidence to fascists – we must stop both

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Issue 2612
Protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last month taking on Trumps attacks on migrants
Protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last month taking on Trump’s attacks on migrants (Pic: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr)

Donald Trump’s visit to Britain will embolden racists and fascists here and in the US.

Supporters of Tommy Robinson and the Democratic Football Lads Alliance see Trump as someone who shares their twisted worldview.

By inviting the bigoted US president for a state visit Theresa May has sent a message to the far right here that their hatred is legitimate.

Both Friday and Saturday’s demonstrations—against Trump’s visit and Robinson’s supporters respectively—can undermine that message and weaken the far right.

The bigger each of the protests is, the better chance we have of hastening their fall.

And the task could not be more urgent. Across Europe, politicians are moving to the right.

There are important differences between fascists and right wing parliamentary forces. But they are often helping each other.

The move right has been encouraged by Trump’s racist attacks. He has previously called for a “total and complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the US.

His ban on people coming to the US from seven countries, including five majority Muslim ones, was upheld last month by the Supreme Court.

Trump has also cracked down brutally on migration and people seeking refuge from Latin America.

His statements and actions give the far right in Britain and Europe hope they can get a similar figure elected.


When 15,000 fascists and racists marched in London last month to demand Robinson’s release from prison, leading figures from the alt right in the US joined them.

Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon sent a statement of support to be read out. The alt right in the US has proved its ability to pull together softer racist elements of the movement with harder fascist street fighters.

That strategy is getting results in Britain—it must be stopped before it goes any further.

Now the leader of the racist Ukip party Gerard Batten is trying to move to the head of this movement.

Figures such as far right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos have joined Ukip.

And Paul Watson from the Info Wars racist conspiracy website declared he had joined in an attempt to launch a “soft coup”.

That encouraged 600 racists to join the crisis-ridden party.

Some on the left have argued that mobilising against Trump will send a strong enough message and give our side confidence.

But the fascists will grow if they go unchallenged. They must be confronted.

The lift that a big anti-Trump mobilisation will give people must be translated into people on the streets against the fascists.

From trade wars to real wars?

Warmonger-in-chief Donald Trump is ramping up tensions with China and fuelling the prospect of war in the Middle East.

Trump’s allies have tried to paint him as a great peacemaker and diplomat after a recent deal with North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un.

But Trump’s plan for North Korea is part of a bigger clash with China.Trump has launched a dangerous trade war against China with massive tariffs and taxes on imported Chinese goods.

China’s ruling class responded on Tuesday by promising £20 billion of investments in Middle East countries—in exchange for access to oil and gas.

This a direct threat to the US’s interests in a part of the world it has destroyed as it fought to maintain its dominance.

This could further inflame imperialist rivalries in the region.

Trump has broken with leaders of European countries and returned to more direct confrontation with Iran, the US’s biggest rival in the Middle East.

So he ripped up a deal with Iran signed under previous president Barack Obama—and re-imposed tough economic sanctions.

He is also supporting his allies Israel and Saudi Arabia—who are threatening war against Iran and demanding more action.

Trump is carrying on in a long line of US warmonger presidents.

He must be stopped before he launches another devastating war.

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