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Resist Boris Johnson and the Tories on every front

Ukraine is not separate to how Johnson attacks people in Britain
Issue 2803
Boris Johnson strides along a corridor on his way to prime minister's questions

Boris Johnson on his way to prime minister’s questions last week. He should be slinking out of 10 Downing Street (Pic: Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street)

Boris Johnson has a strategy to escape the sea of corruption around his rule. He poses as the supreme leader whose bullish warmongering against Russia is far more important than any small matters of lockdown party fines or soaring price rises.

We went to press before the local election results but we can be pretty sure that the Tories’ response will be, “The people have spoken—the people are wrong.”

And the Labour Party seeks to separate the Ukraine war —where it thinks the government is basically doing the right things—from everything else. In fact, Johnson is wrong about everything. 

His policies are responsible for deepening poverty at the same time as the oil giants are drowning in profits. His policies produce millions of people terrified of spiralling bills in the same week that BP announces record £5 billion profits just for the first three months of the year.

But that’s not separate from the reckless fuelling of the war in Ukraine. He defends the power of Western imperialism and fattens the arms companies with the same contempt he shows for ordinary people over the cost of living.

Separated off from the European Union’s boosting of Nato, Johnson auditions to be the US’s most reliable ally.

We need to resist him on every front. Giving him a free pass on Ukraine covers up the real basis of inter-imperialist war. It will also risk him avoiding the ejection from Number 10 he deserves for so many reasons.

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