By Sophie Squire
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Resist the bigotry and stand with LGBT+ people

LGBT+ oppression is increasing in Britain—it must be resisted and linked to wider struggle
Issue 2911
Trans+ rights activists on pride match in 2023 (Photo: Guy Smallman)

LGBT+ rights activists on pride match in 2023 (Photo: Guy Smallman)

This pride month and at London Pride this Saturday, don’t just celebrate but rage and rally for LGBT+ liberation.

As the far right rises across Europe and British politicians increasingly use bigotry to grab votes, we cannot underestimate the threat posed to LGBT+ people.

Hatred pumped out by politicians and the right has already made Britain a more dangerous place to be LGBT+.

According to the LGBT+ association ILGA-Europe, Britain has been sinking down the rankings as one of the most LGBT+ friendly places in Europe. Britain is now in 16th place.

It’s bigotry from the top that is fuelling hatred and attacks on LGBT+ people and much of this hatred is directed at trans+ people.

While author JK Rowling’s vile comments about trans+ women make the headlines, the Tories have fanned the flames of bigotry.

One of their early election promises was to rewrite the Equality Act so that sex means biological sex, and trans+ people are excluded from single-sex spaces. And Labour this week retracted some earlier pledges.

We cannot concede one inch to the hatred directed at trans+ people. We know that the bigots won’t stop at attacking trans+ people. They will turn their hatred towards gay, lesbian, bisexual people, women and others.

Socialists must keep saying that trans women are women, trans men are men and that non-binary identities are valid.

Fighting all forms of oppression is the best way to win LGBT+ liberation. The Pride march in London on Saturday is a chance for huge numbers of LGBT+ people to show they won’t give in to prejudice and oppression.

Unfortunately the corporate sponsors will be there as well, including those who are complicit with the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Among others, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a sponsor at this year’s Pride.

The company features on the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions list because it has a factory in Atarot—an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

The giant drinks corporation profits from the displacement of Palestinians from their land.

It would be great to see Palestinian flags flood Pride, sending a message that LGBT+ people will not stand by as Israel commits genocide in Gaza.

And it would send an even stronger signal—that the battle against imperialism, apartheid and the fight for LGBT+ liberation are inseparably linked.

Bigotry against LGBT+ people, racism, sexism, as well as colonialism and imperialism are all hateful products of a capitalist system.

Coming together to tear the whole system down is the best way to win liberation for all.

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