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Resist the drive for profit that is killing us

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Issue 2724
Capitalism creates chaos for profit
Capitalism creates chaos for profit

Capitalism keeps a tiny minority of people rich off the back of work that is done by the vast majority of people.

It is also a system responsible for creating a pandemic that has slaughtered over a million people so far this year.

Pandemics are becoming more frequent because the relentless drive for profit means humans are encroaching closer into the natural world.

Deforestation and factory farming mean animal viruses pass quicker to humans and spread faster throughout animal populations.

These methods help accelerate the climate crisis and put us all at risk. And they were developed to maximise profit.

But it’s the response to the pandemic that really exposes capitalism as a fatally unfair, chaotic and inefficient system.


In Britain rich people are likely to live in areas with low transmission rates and are more able to work from home to stay safe.

Yet in poorer countries, such as India and Brazil, coronavirus has swept through areas where people are crammed closely together with poor sanitation and little access to healthcare.

Production and distribution of a vaccine—the one great hope to control the spread of Covid-19— is shaped at every level by the drive for profit.

Vaccines are developed by competing companies looking to win the race to pocket the most lucrative contracts.

Richer countries will be able to afford to buy the amount they need several times over. Meanwhile poorer nations, often battered by centuries of Western colonisation and exploitation, will struggle.

Across the world for-profit healthcare denies access for ordinary people, while pharmaceutical firms gouge out huge profits.

This is a crisis of capitalism, not virus lockdowns
This is a crisis of capitalism, not virus lockdowns
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This system laid the groundwork for the US coronavirus crisis, a devastation that has killed at least 200,000 people across the country.

Governments believe it is vital to keep the economy going “at all costs”. Even when that cost is misery, illness and death for ordinary people.

The slavish devotion to profit created the perverse situation of Boris Johnson encouraging people to eat at restaurants, then reprimanding them weeks later for rising Covid-19 cases.

But as repugnant as the Tory government is, it is part of a much larger system.

Capitalism is not just a system that produces pandemics. It also creates climate catastrophe, racist horror, the constant threat of wars and widespread desperation for billions of ordinary people.

This is why we need to break the capitalist system. In its place we need to build an entirely new socialist society, where profit for the few is a feature of history books.

Organising together against our common enemy in the fight for revolutionary socialism is the only way to beat every horror capitalism spits out.

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