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Resist the Tory government’s racist and repressive agenda

The Tories are ramping up racist attacks and continuing to force through more repressive laws. A fight back is needed.
Issue 2805
Stand up to Tory racism

A Stand Up to Racism protest hits back at Tory racism last year (pic: Guy Smallman)

As the cost of living crisis worsens—pushing millions into poverty—the Tories are increasingly becoming a party of open authoritarianism and racism. As Boris Johnson and his cabinet face multiple crises, they seek to create an enemy within by scapegoating migrants.

Muslims, refugees, and anyone portrayed as “disruptive” or disloyal” are targets. That’s coupled with a systematic hardening of structures that the state can use to crush resistance. This week home secretary Priti Patel has signalled new stop and search powers. The next day Patel told the Police Federation conference that volunteer police officers in England and Wales will be authorised to use Tasers.

Next came the leaks from the Tory government’s review of the Prevent strategy. It’s set to say that Prevent is too focused on right wing extremism and should crack down further on Muslims. It claims too many ordinary right wingers are being portrayed as far right extremists. What’s actually happening is that more of the traditional right is echoing views that were once the preserve of the far right.

“Illegal migrants” need to be sent to Africa without even a hearing in Britain. Institutional racism doesn’t exist. Nearly all refugees are fake scroungers who should be chucked out before lefty lawyers can intervene. This isn’t the programme of some fringe fascist group. It is the Tory government’s view, turned into laws and imposed by the cops, the military and the Border Force.

Sir William Shawcross’s Prevent review concluded that there should be action against “Islamist extremism”, even when the cases don’t meet the “terrorism threshold”. He said in 2012, “Islam is one of the greatest, most terrifying problems of our future.”

We know where this ends. It means Muslims who oppose imperialist wars face surveillance and arrest. Those considered terrorists risk jail for a Facebook post—or being shot by special cops. The government hopes to draw a sharp divide and assemble an electoral majority around an agenda of racist authoritarianism.

Such ideas have foul results. They lead to constant pressure against minorities and more assaults. The killer in Buffalo in the US who murdered ten black people at a supermarket left a manifesto full of the “great replacement” lie. It says Jews are mobilising migrants to take over from white people. The same filth is peddled by some leading figures in the US Congress and the media.

But it is possible to beat the lies. It is heartening to see resistance to immigration raids. We need much more anti-racist campaigning. And we need united class resistance over prices, wages and much more that targets the real enemy—the Tories and the bosses.

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