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Resist Trump’s racism and warmongering

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Issue 2593
Trump is stepping up his racism
Trump is stepping up his racism (Pic: Matt A.J/Flickr)

President Donald Trump’s warmongering, racism and sexism seemingly know no bounds.

On Monday Trump claimed he would have run unarmed towards the gunman at the horrific Parkland school shooting. It follows his call for teachers to be armed.

The real problem is that the US is at the centre of a world built on brutality and where violence is glorified.

Yet Trump’s answer to the shootings is simply to have even more weapons available.

But his murderous ambitions go much further.

The New York Times newspaper reported last week that the White House claimed it had unlimited scope to expand its war in Syria.

Letters from the Pentagon and US State Department to Democratic senator Tim Kaine assert that the Trump administration can expand its war apparently indefinitely.

Kaine has been touting a new Authorisation for Use of Military Force (AUMF) as a way of maintaining and expanding military intervention in Syria. He has argued that Congress must have the final say.

The White House claims that it does not need a new excuse for war, claiming that the AUMF against Al Qaeda for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan is still in play.

US presidents can’t technically declare war on their own—that’s the job of Congress.


However, this congressional approval is seen as a rubber stamp—Barack Obama didn’t bother getting congressional approval for his 2011 invasion of Libya, for instance.

Trump’s glorification of war has reached new heights. Last weekend he announced plans for a military parade on Veterans Day, 11 November.

Some estimates put the cost at over £21 million.

At a security conference in Munich last week, Republican senator Jim Risch said Trump was prepared to start a “very, very brief” war with North Korea.

It would be “one of the worst catastrophic events in the history of our civilization,” said Risch.

And Trump is also stepping up his racism.

Inspired by Trump’s rhetoric, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers carried out nearly 144,000 arrests last year.

This week Trump was to visit California to view prototypes for his racist border wall with Mexico.

It’s a disgrace that Theresa May has invited Trump to Britain, and he says he will visit later this year.

The 17 March anti-racist demonstrations are the first chance for everyone who hates what Trump stands for to take to the streets in protest.

They can be a focal point for all those horrified at what his presidency has ushered in, and what it could still bring.

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