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Revolution is the key to a free Palestine 

Palestinian resistance, revolt across the Middle East and in the West are three pillars in the fight for freedom in Palestine
Issue 2890
Protesters in Liverpool on Saturday fighting for a free Palestine (Picture: John Carr)

Protesters in Liverpool on Saturday (Picture: John Carr)

Only a revolt on a massive scale can lead to liberation for the Palestinians. Almost four months of Israel’s genocidal assault—and resistance to it—have shown the key forces on each side.
As seen at the International Court of Justice last week, Israel can rely on backing from Western imperialism, with Britain and the United States on the vanguard.
For the Palestinians, their own resilience and the millions-strong solidarity movement are their hope.
Politicians and corporations who are helping Israel commit a genocide, should not have a day of rest from our fury. That’s why the demonstrations this Saturday and the day of action next Wednesday matter so much.
There was speculation as we went to press on Tuesday about a new ceasefire proposal. We want the murder to stop. But for more than temporary halt, there has to be justice for the Palestinians.
We have to fight an apartheid system that leaves Palestinians subjugated and oppressed. Liberation rests on three pillars of freedom. 
One is the heroic resistance by Palestinians themselves. 
For weeks seven battalions of the Israeli forces have been trying to take the area around Khan Yunis in southern Gaza from the resistance. For weeks they have failed.
The news that Israeli forces were blasting Gaza City from the land, sea and air on Monday underlined the cruelty of the Zionist regime.
But also revealed that the Israelis have not crushed the fightback even where they said it had been stopped.
But Palestinian courage on its own will not overthrow the Israeli state. Here a second factor is crucial—revolt by workers and the poor in the Middle East.
If the tens of millions in Egypt, Jordan and the other regimes rose up against Israel and their rulers it would point towards the revolutionary change that’s required.
For now the governments in Cairo and Amman have held down the feeling from below for more than gestures of solidarity with Palestine. 
But their repression may not work forever, as dictators and monarchs before the present line-up discovered.
Finally, there is the revolt in the West. Because Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak are complicit in genocide, our actions are important. 
If we could break their backing for Israel then the Zionist state could not survive. 
The struggle for Palestine needs to be central to a revolutionary struggle that brings together all the fights against imperialism and capitalism.
The Socialist Workers Party seeks to build a socialist fight against imperialism, Zionism, oppression of all forms, climate destruction and poverty.
We are with those fighting back from Gaza to the picket lines and the protests here. Join us.

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