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Sexist Tories are no surprise

This article is over 1 years, 4 months old
With reports of abuse and sexism coming out about leading Tories it's time to get rid of them and the system they hold up
Issue 2812
an image of a crowded vigil, some holding placards that are anti-police, after the death of Sarah Everad who died because of the sexist system

Vigil for Sarah Everard that was attacked by police in south London in March 2021 (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Parliament is a cesspit of sexual harassment— and it’s no accident. Tory MPs walking the corridors of Westminster personify the system they serve. The bigotry that soaks society flows from the top, and the way MPs act in the corridors of power can filter down to ordinary people.

Boris Johnson employed Chris Pincher as his deputy chief whip despite knowing Pincher had been formally investigated for inappropriate behaviour while a foreign office minister. Two by-elections last month were the result of more Tory filth—child abuse and watching porn in the House of Commons. David Warburton MP is under investigation over three allegations of sexual misconduct.

Another Tory MP was arrested on suspicion of rape last month, and MP Rob Roberts is also under investigation for sexual harassment. These are just the Tories we know about. Yet they still have the audacity to instruct us on how we should live.

They judge single mothers and attack Muslim women, and Johnson wants us to think that problems come from sharing same-sex spaces with trans women. The real threat is the army of Tories who sexually assault, harass and bully and think their elevated status will protect them.

It’s not new MPs—Tory or otherwise—that will stop parliament from being a den of decay. Instead it’s ripping apart their entire system, which pumps sexism and oppression.

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