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Starmer’s no anti-racist

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Issue 2735
Starmer was unable to confront a racist conspiracy theory
Starmer was unable to confront a racist conspiracy theory (Pic: Chris Boland)

Don’t let anyone tell you Keir Starmer is an anti-racist. When a caller to his radio phone-in show confronted him with a racist conspiracy theory, he appeared to understand.

“The racial inequality is now against the indigenous people of Britain because we are set to become a minority by 2066,” said the caller. 

That’s why she thought it was okay to boo footballers for taking the knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The best Starmer could respond with was to talk vaguely about an “equal society”.

He didn’t manage to confront the racism with the same determination he’s found to drive left activists out of Labour. 

The Labour right have convinced themselves that working class people abandoned support for the party because they see immigration as a problem, and anti-racism as a threat.

Starmer wants to send a signal to those at the top that Labour doesn’t back the radical demands of BLM. That’s why his support for BLM is more muted than his condemnation of protesters.

One other thing.  The caller saw Israel—where the state openly works to discriminate against Arabs and keep them the minority—as a model. 

That’s because Israel is a racist state. Starmer had nothing to say about that either.

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