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Stop war turning nuclear

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Standing against war is essential as those in power are now looking to take the conflict in Ukraine nuclear.
Issue 2825
Image of a nuclear explosion with a black back drop

Warmongers are pushing for this war to go nuclear

Russian forces retreated in disarray over a large area of southern Ukraine close to the city of Kherson at the start of the week. The defeats, taking place in regions that have just supposedly been annexed to Russia, make clear that Vladimir Putin faces a crisis.

Nato general secretary Jens Stoltenberg revelled in the victory for Western power.  He praised Ukrainian forces but underlined that Russian reverses are “also because of the advanced weapons that the United States and other allies are providing”.

The US proxy war has so far fulfilled its aim—showing Western military strength, humiliating Russian leaders and sending a warning to China. Putin’s response could be the use of nuclear weapons.  

General Sir Richard Barrons, who headed Britain’s military until 2016, said this week to prepare for Russian use of weapons of mass destruction. Barrons added that “tactical nuclear missiles for battlefield use have a yield of generally between one and 50 kilotons of dynamite.”

The atomic bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima had an explosive yield of about 20 kilotons of dynamite. This is the terrifying danger a clash of imperialisms has created. 

It’s more important than ever to insist—Russian forces out of Ukraine, no to Nato expansion and arms supplies, and no to nuclear war.

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