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Strikes and protests show the mood to resist

This article is over 8 years, 10 months old
Issue 2345

Only two weeks ago the media was full of talk that the coalition was cracking. 

Now we are being regaled with stories claiming that the deal over press regulation shows remarkable consensus across the political divides.

The fact is the coalition is both at each other’s throats and united in opposition to us.

The faultlines are exposed when they are under pressure. 

David Cameron is vulnerable and facing talk of a leadership challenge.

The right of the Tory party wants even harsher austerity. 

Yet Britain’s economic future still looks so bleak even some of the Tories’ friends are saying they should look for a plan B.

If we want to crack them we need to be putting them under more pressure.

Cameron has declared, in words that echo those of his hero Margaret Thatcher, “This month’s budget will be about sticking to the course because there is no alternative that will secure our country’s future”.

Whatever the spin, every one of George Osborne’s budgets has been geared to force the poorest to pay and to protect the wealth of the richest.

This week in Cyprus showed what the bankers and the rich would really like to do. 

They’d love to drop all the messing around and simply steal the money straight from people’s bank accounts.

The question is—how can we stop them?

There is a gap between the action that is happening and what is needed. 

And there is a gap between workers’ willingness to fight and union leaders’ reluctance to lead resistance. 

That’s why it’s brilliant to see a quarter of a million civil service workers in the PCS union striking. 

We need more strikes like this. We need to see more workers coming out, calling for solidarity and saying they won’t stop until they win.

Any such strikes would win support. There is a mood to resist. 

The recent militant local demonstrations over the bedroom tax and hospital cuts show this. 

The Tories hope they can ride out any protests and drive through their attacks because if we fight separately we can be beaten.

The mass strikes over pensions showed what was possible. 

The Tories were scared they could become a focus for all out resistance to the government. 

Union leaders backed off from the fight just when the Tories could have been beaten.

But workers have shown that they will fight when given a lead. 

And fighting is the only language the government understands. 

The Tories are attacking workers, closing hospitals and cutting benefits for the most vulnerable. 

Millions have had enough. We need to organise everyone who wants to stop them. 


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