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Struggle is crucial in a world of hope and horror

We must renew resistance in 2022.
Issue 2786
Sudanese protesters in London.

Sudanese resistance shows victories are possible. (Photo: Guy Smallman)

World leaders and their rich friends are hoping 2022 will be a good year for them. They want to make as much money as possible off the backs of working class people while suppressing resistance and pushing divisions.

Last year they tried to sweep climate chaos under the carpet. At conferences such as the G20 and Cop26, rulers made it seem as though they were putting measures in place. But all the while they protected polluting industries.

And from assaults on protesting to the pushback against refugees at borders worldwide, our rights have been under attack.

The Tories’ policing and borders bills came alongside the rise of the far right across Europe, especially in France where Islamophobia is rampant. Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Narendra Modi in India also rallied their far right supporters.

And in a battle for global and economic dominance, governments of the US and China continue to build hostility and threaten war.

In the last two years of a worldwide pandemic, the rich have managed to find ways to make themselves richer at our cost.

Technology company Apple has just hit $3 trillion (£2.22 trillion)—triple its pandemic low in March 2020. Meanwhile Apple factory workers in Chennai, India, work for £3.50 a day eating rotten food and sleeping in dormitories with up to 30 people.

In Britain the hike in living costs will go straight into the pockets of directors and shareholders—or to the Tories to splurge on contracts for their mates.

But resistance in the last year has also revived and confronted these horrors.

Revolution in Sudan is resisting a brutal coup and fighting for ordinary people’s power. And workers in Myanmar also still fight a deadly military takeover.

Farmers in India won a successful battle against a far right government. And the left resisted in Tunisia, Colombia and Chile as workers in Iran and South Africa struck.

Anti-racists across the world continued to fight for black lives and against institutional racism. And we didn’t believe the lies that 20 years of war in Afghanistan was justifiable.

Palestinian people in occupied territories were met with worldwide solidarity as they battled against an Israeli war machine determined to humiliate them.

In Britain anger against the Tories culminated in mass movements against the police, for women’s rights and against the assault on refugees.

This hope and spirit of resistance has to be taken into 2022 to ensure world leaders and the rich and powerful know we are coming for them.

In this time of crisis, complacency and compromise aren’t enough. For socialists our New Year’s resolution must be a bigger fightback, more militant unity—and revolution.

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