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Take on Donald Trump’s presidents club

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Issue 2589
We need to keep up the pressure on Trump
We need to keep up the pressure on Trump (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Sexist-in-chief Donald Trump has said “I’ll be there” for a state visit to Britain in October. He reneged on his promise to visit earlier this month amid fears of huge protests.

Speaking to ITV presenter and friend Piers Morgan, Trump said, “I get so much fan mail from people in your country.

“We get tremendous support from people in the UK.”

But if Trump comes, it will prompt massive opposition on the streets.

The interview came days before Trump was due to give his state of union address, which marks the official one-year anniversary of his presidency.

But figures show he is deeply unpopular in the US—his approval rating hovers at around 30 percent.

Trump’s threat came as the Financial Times (FT) newspaper last week revealed the sexist behaviour at the Presidents Club.

The behaviour of super rich men at these events shows their contempt for working class women. The mainstream media’s shock at the revelations was hypocritical. But the FT’s decision to pursue the investigation shows that attitudes are shifting in the wake of the millions of women who have come forward about sexual harassment and abuse.

We need to take advantage of the shift to push the fight into every corner of society—onto campuses and into workplaces, where we can fight back collectively.


Other important struggles are taking place. The Irish government has agreed to hold a referendum in May on whether to retain or repeal the Eighth Amendment.

This restrictive abortion law means women living in Ireland are forced to travel to other countries—or risk unsafe and illegal abortions.

Women should control their their own bodies and have the right to free abortion on demand.

The referendum is taking place because the government could no longer ignore growing political pressure. The fight against the Eighth Amendment shows the impact that demonstrations and campaigning can have.

We must use every opportunity to take to the streets.

There will be plenty of reasons to demonstrate against Trump should he dare to visit.

We must build a movement that makes sure Trump knows he is not welcome here.

Our first chance to protest against his bigotry will be at the Stand Up To Racism demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on 17 March.

The furious reaction to the Presidents Club—an event that has been held for 33 years—shows ideas change.

We can all celebrate the Presidents Club disbanding. But it’s also possible to fight for more fundamental change and build a society where oppression is a thing of the past.

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