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Terror in Thailand comes from top

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Issue 2467

An horrific bomb attack on a Hindu shrine in Thailand killed 22 people and injured 123 on Monday of this week.

It wasn’t clear who carried out the attack as Socialist Worker went to press.

The media was quick to say it was aimed at tourists, though most of those killed were local people.

Some militants do target Western tourists, partly because Western media tends to ignore deaths that don’t involve them.

The media has linked the attack to the “war on terror” and said more repression is needed to counter international terrorism.

Thailand already has a repressive government. 

When General Prayuth Chan?ocha seized power in May 2014 the military promised a quick return to “democracy”. 

But the date of promised elections keeps being put back. 

The junta repealed the constitution, banned public assemblies and censored the press. It has repressed Thailand’s pro-democracy Red Shirt movement.

The shrine where the attack took place is by an intersection where the military killed dozens of Red Shirts in 2010.

The military has implausibly blamed them and used it as an excuse to crack down further.

More repression will lead to more violence. It is mass movements that can end terror, whether from bombers or states.


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