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The deadly proxy imperialist war in Ukraine is escalating

It is a war of imperialist powers, not ours
Issue 2904
The war in Ukraine may be subject to escalation

War-torn Ukraine

The deadly proxy imperialist war in Ukraine is escalating—with more open confrontation between the West’s Nato military alliance and Russia. There is an intensifying rivalry between US and European imperialism and Russian imperialism. 

Lord David Cameron—Tory foreign secretary—gave the green light to Ukraine to use British weapons to strike Russian territory last week. “Ukraine has that right,” warmonger Cameron said. After pledging to give Ukraine £3 billion in military assistance every year for the foreseeable future, Cameron insisted it’s up to Ukraine to decide how to use British weapons. Last week French president Emmanuel Macron said he would “legitimately” consider sending troops to Ukraine “if the Russians were to break through the front lines, if there were a Ukrainian request”.

A spokesperson for the Russian government said that if Ukraine used British weapons, Russia would target British military facilities and equipment in Ukraine and beyond.  And Russia has started nuclear weapons drills near Ukraine.

If the bloody war escalates it won’t be those at the top who die. Ruling classes will remain comfortable while ordinary people suffer for their imperialist wars.

It’s their war—not ours. We need to end the system of competition that leads to the working class being sacrificed for the gains and interests of our rulers.


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