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The left are not welcome in Labour

Starmer and the right of Labour are continuing their attacks on the left
Issue 2798
Labour won't support stop the war

Labour MPs came under attack from the right for signing a statement (pic: Guy Smallman)

Three left groups are set to be banned from the Labour Party. The party’s governing body, the National Executive Committee, was likely to agree that supporting any of those groups should get you banned from membership.

It shows the space for left wing politics in Labour is shrinking ever further. As before, Labour left MPs and groups will respond by telling members to “stay and fight” in the party—and by appealing to the right for “unity.” 

And as before, that appeal for unity will shut down any hope of a fight. When the right suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn from the party, left MPs refused to rebel so that they could stay in Labour.  They did the same when four more left groups were banned from Labour last year.

And when left MPs came under attack for signing a Stop the War Coalition statement earlier in March, every single one of them backed down. If they won’t stand up for themselves, don’t expect them to stand up for you.

If you want to keep fighting, the best place to do that is outside Labour. You can be free to support Stop the War and striking workers, and be as left wing as you like—without the threat of “unity” with the right.

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