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The media love racism—they just hate Corbyn

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Issue 2617
The media are out to get Jeremy Corbyn. We must all pick a side and fight back
The media are out to get Jeremy Corbyn. We must all pick a side and fight back

Jeremy Corbyn has never and will never receive fair treatment from the media.

It’s obvious that an army of researchers has been unleashed to hunt for anything in Corbyn’s past that can be falsely spun as antisemitic or linked to terrorism.

There is an endless campaign by backers of Israel, the Labour right and swathes of the media to demoralise Corbyn and his supporters. It is designed to make them drop solidarity with the Palestinians.

Nothing will distract the attackers from that task. At the same time Boris Johnson’s vile comments attacking Muslim women are largely glossed over.

To see the contrast, imagine if Jeremy Corby had appeared to reporters, offered them a cup of tea but refused to answer questions. There would have been outrage.

Yet reporters giggled at Johnson when he did this.

Or imagine the furore if a Corbyn follower had written an article calling for more antisemitism from Labour. Yet there was hardly a murmur at former BBC Radio 4 Today programme editor Rod Liddle’s article in the Spectator magazine. The headline was, “My own view is that there is not nearly enough Islamophobia within the Tory party.”


This happens because most of the media are happy to use racism to divide people and distract from the crimes of the rich and the politicians who support them.

Not one of them cares about antisemitism. If they did they would be forced to report that the same Binyamin Netanyahu who is attacking Corbyn backs Viktor Orban. The Hungarian leader is actively encouraging antisemitism.

And we shouldn’t forget that the Daily Mail used antisemitism against previous Labour leader Ed Miliband. The lesson is that making concessions and talking up Corbyn’s peace-loving moderation will never work.

Every step backwards will lead to demands for more, until the demand becomes that Corbyn must go and nobody like him must ever be allowed to lead Labour.

That’s why it was welcome on Monday when Corbyn stopped retreating and hit back against Netanyahu, rightly condemning his role in the murder of Palestinians.

There is now a choice. Everyone has to decide if they are for Netanyahu and the Tories, or for Palestine, the right to say Israel is a racist state and defending Corbyn.

This battle will be hugely strengthened if Corbyn himself goes on the offensive.

Let’s see campaigns and protests when British-backed Saudi Arabia murders children in Yemen and when Israel mows down Palestinians.

Let’s hear confident support for Palestine.

Let’s fight back against the right and their rotten supporters in Labour and the trade unions.

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