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The revolution we need

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Issue 2378

Revolution made it into the mainstream media recently after comedian Russell Brand called for “total revolution” in the New Statesman.

His article urged people not to vote, to “become different” and to meditate. Brand predictably said he agreed to edit an issue of the magazine “because it was a beautiful woman asking”.

Yet his desire for a better world is shared by millions of people. The question is how do we achieve one?

Capitalism rests on competing bosses exploiting workers to make profits.This gives workers power. If they refuse to work, the system grinds to a halt.

And they have the skills, knowledge and numbers to take over the running of society.

Some say revolutions have failed before so they must always fail. But not all revolutions have.

It’s true that it isn’t easy to wrench power from a ruthless ruling class. The bosses and the rich will organise to crush revolutions and maintain their wealth.

That’s why we will need revolutions across the planet to have a chance of building a socialist world, where production is based on need not profit.

As the system veers from crisis to crisis, the need for a better world is clearer than ever. 

The Socialist Workers Party is fighting for that better world—if you want to join the fight, join us.

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