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The Tories are the living dead – end the zombie regime

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Issue 2563
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A letter of no confidence in Theresa May is already circulating among Conservative MPs.

It seems unlikely to attract enough signatures to trigger her removal before the summer recess, but this will bring only a temporary reprieve.

Not a day passes without a wounding statement or briefing by one of May’s rivals against her or each other.

Chancellor Philip Hammond was the target of leaks from other ministers about what he was claimed to have said in cabinet.

They accuse him of calling public sector workers “overpaid” and saying that “even a woman” can drive a train.

On Tuesday the Sun newspaper, under the heading “The snarling buds of May”, spoke of “hate-filled cabinet ministers”.

It added that Michael Gove’s “close confidant” Dominic Cummings had branded Brexit secretary David Davis “thick as mince” and “lazy as a toad”.

Former prime minister David Cameron wished he could “strap together” some of his former colleagues and send them down “a very, very dangerous river on a raft”.

Time ticks away on the Tories’ collapsing cabinet
Time ticks away on the Tories’ collapsing cabinet
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Only one thing stops May’s exit. As she told Tory MPs on Monday the choice is between her being prime minister and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, adding, “Nobody wants that.”

It’s easy to luxuriate in their crisis. But they continue with their attacks.

The school funding plans announced this week mean cuts. Heath secretary Jeremy Hunt is poised to implement the Naylor review, selling off billions of pounds worth of NHS property.

The cap on pay rises remains.

So we need action. We glimpse the possibilities in the strikes at Bart’s NHS trust hospitals, British Airways and on the railways.

But there are far too few such examples and the trade union leaders are achingly slow to propose any measures to bust the pay cap.

Yet the continuing enthusiastic turnout for Corbyn’s rallies and Labour’s impressive opinion poll ratings show that millions of people want change—now.

We need to confront the Tories and increase the pressure on the trade union leaders to act.

The demonstration called at the Conservative conference on Sunday 1 October in Manchester by the People’s Assembly is a chance to do both.

It can make sure May returns to a sense of crisis in the autumn.

Just as the protest in Hamburg at the G20 conference rocked our rulers’ confidence, so fury in Manchester can be a factor in pushing May out. And it can show complacent union leaders the appetite for action.

Corbyn should support and campaign for the demonstration now, for a chance to fulfil shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s call to put a million on the streets.

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